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Capital Merchant Solutions Inc is one of Authorize.net's leading resellers. Authorize.net is the worlds leading payment gateway that will allow all ecommerce merchants to accept credit card payments online.

"I still can't believe you are giving Authorize.net away with no setup fee! Before my webmaster told me about FreeAuthNet.com, I was ready to sign up with my local bank. I already had the $399 check written out to get my account setup. ($299 for Authorize.net + a $100 Application fee). I sent Felix, my webmaster a thank you card also. You guys are one of a kind."

~Stacie P.
Mama's Country Krafts

"I am relatively new to the internet, and was somewhat intimidated by the whole online payments process. Your rep, Mike took me through the process every step of the way. It was actually quite painless. Thank you for helping me accept payments for my online store."

~Mildred S.
Texas Hat House