Retail Solutions using and VPOS


An Authorize.Net Retail Payment Gateway account enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card transactions from your retail store using the speed and security of the Internet. spent a lot of time and money developing a solution for the retail merchant. Authorize.Net's Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) turns any Internet-connected computer into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal with the simple addition of an inexpensive USB HID MagTek® swipe card reader. The VPOS is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, low cost solution for merchants of any size.

The VPOS solution is a great product for nearly every retail situation, however if you are absolutely in need of a physical point of sale terminal, please visit our credit card terminal page. Please note that when you use the VPOS system, you will qualify for a retail processing rate that is significantly less expensive than our low "internet processing rate". For complete information and pricing on's VPOS solution, please contact us today.


Authorize.netPayment Gateway

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Gateway Fee
  • Free Transaction Fees*


Low Cost


  • $34.95 per Month
  • 0.20% plus Interchange
  • 25¢ per Transaction
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Minimum Requirements
  • All Inclusive Monthly Fee
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